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A prominent trader and supplier of TIG Brush Welding Machine, TIG Brush Torch, TIG Brush Propel Torch, TIG Brush Machine, Weld Cleaning Fluid For Stainless Steel, etc.


Power2U Technology Solutions- Australia is a firm dedicated to providing high-tech products and services in the domains of electronics manufacturing, telecommunications, test and measurement instruments, solar and wind energy, and special welding cleaning equipment. Power2U Technology Solutions, based in Sydney, was founded in July 2010 by two directors with over 30 years of expertise in engineering and technology. For the past many years, Power2U Technology Solutions Australia has been selling Australian-made products to India, Fiji, Singapore, New Zealand, and other regions of Asia. Our directors are Australian nationals with a proud Indian heritage. They are proud of their Indian cultural history as well as Australian principles such as freedom of choice, multicultural social values protection, equal opportunity, environmental awareness, and so on. 

In September 2013, we built a branch office in Pune, India, to enhance our ties with our country and expand our business in one of the world's fastest growing countries.

Power2U Technology India Pvt. Ltd., situated in Talegaon, Maharashtra, effectively supports and services our clients by giving local support for our products. We take pride in being in the market as a trader for high-tech products while keeping our valued buyers in mind at Power2U Technology Solutions. Our offered range includes Industrial TIG Brush Marking And Etching Kit, Decontaminating Fluid For Stainless Steel, etc. We aim to match a wide range of high-quality goods and services with a wide range of end users and OEMs from diverse industry sectors, always keeping our customers' needs in mind.

Why use TIG Brush Technology?

The TIG Brush Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning System combines electricity, heat, and chemistry to produce exceptional weld cleaning and metal surface finishing results. Its conductive brush transfers cleaning solution to the work area, resulting in an electro-chemical cleaning action that is both quick and effective. Ensitechs Dynamic Power Transfer powers the TIG Brush. This innovative technique maximises heat transmission efficiency to the work surface and assures peak performance in even the most demanding environments.

Ensitech's low-toxicity fluids are also custom-designed to ensure human safety while also protecting the environment. This potent mix is the result of years of product development based on market demands. Ensitech's research & development division is constantly investing in product innovation as well as rigorous testing and validation.


Our products find their usage in verticals like:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Oil & Gas
  • Architecture
  • Building & Construction
  • Marine

One-step Cleaning & Passivation

Ensitech's weld cleaning procedure passivates stainless steels according to ASTM worldwide standards, according to extensive laboratory testing. The extreme heat created during stainless steel welding causes oxidation and chromium depletion in the surface layer of the alloy, as well as an unattractive heat tint around the weld area.

Cleanup with a TIG Brush and legitimate TIG Brush fluids eliminates detectable oxides from the weld zone and restores chromium levels in the surface layer to those found in the unwelded surface, according to tests by Gauge Industrial and Environmental using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Cleaning using a TIG Brush produced results that were equal to or better than pickling paste, while maintaining the safety of TIG Brush technology. An independent passivation report undertaken by The Welding Institute (TWI) in Cambridge backed with these findings.
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